Ape Invaders


Combine your Genesis Ape Invader and Droid Invaders to get the ultimate Ape/Droid Hybrid. Exovaders are the only ones geared to harvest Exo Crystals allowing you to take control of your NFT’s looks and rarity!

Ape Invaders Ape Invaders Show

Ape Invader
Genesis Collection

With over 200 different traits, each Ape Invader is unique. Amid the countless combinations we also have 10 fully animated 1/1s and an extra 20 ultra rare Ape Invaders!

The Genesis Ape Invaders collection generates $Stardust per day while staked with a chance of getting more during missions.

Droid Invaders Droid Invaders Show

Droid Invader

If a dog is a man’s best friend, then consider Droids as an Ape’s best friend. The Droid Invaders are a secondary collection built both to work alone and to assist the apes. With 7,500 Droids, and a cost of 250 $Stardust, Droid Invaders are here to join the missions.

Mint A Droid

Our $Stardust Shop

The $Stardust Shop allows holders to spend their hard earned $Stardust to buy WL Spots, Droid Invaders, NFTs, Merch and much more!

Everything in the shop is powered by $Stardust!

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Exo Crystals

These mystical crystals will provide the power to upgrade your exos look and weapons.

Start mining them now in our latest mission!

Exo Mission

Apes Arcade

The Apes Arcade is open all hours of the day! The top players are rewarded every week with prizes in $Stardust, NFTs, and more.

New games will continue to be added.

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Meet The Team

Ape Invader
CJ Founder & Artist
JV Founder & Dev
Sam Dev
Callan Dev
Hypnotique Collabs
DC3 Collabs
Georgian Advisor

Ape Invaders Rich History

The Battle of Simia

The Battle of Simia is known as the day that changed the trajectory of the Apes civilization forever. It started off as a normal day like any other with the Apes going about their usual resource extraction. Suddenly the sky thickens and a mass of starships appear. None of the Apes could tell who these invaders are and to which civilization they belong.

The technological advances and the overall strength of these Starships was completely unknown to them at the time - there were only horror stories about these intruders and the death and destruction they cause. Up until their appearance on Simia, the stories that described them were merely folklore handed down from generation to generation...

Apes History
Ape Invaders