Ape Invaders

Invader Scavenger Hunt

Explore the map and all its hidden treasures! Collect $Stardust, find Crystals and unlock ongoing secrets around the map.

New secrets and puzzles will emerge as the weeks go by so be sure to come back and explore some more.

Scavenger FAQ'S

How to play?

The objective of the mission is to find digging spots where your Invader can find $Stardust or Crystals.

You can move around the map by clicking or tapping on the area you want to move to.

When the Invader finds a digging spot, a Digging will appear over its head. You can click on it to attempt to dig.

If you are successful, you will receive $Stardust or a Crystal. If you don't find anything you can try again or look for a different spot.

What else can I do in the mission?

If you get close to some objects in the map you might see a Question icon. Click on it to interact with it.

There are hidden Easter Eggs scattered throughout the map. Try to find all of them!

You are free to roam around the map for as long as you want before you attempt to dig.

How many Crystals can I collect?

You need an Exovader to be able to play the mission for Crystals.

  • - Exos: 1 Crystal

How much $Stardust can I collect?

You need either an Ape or Droid Invader to be able to play for $Stardust, however you will get bonus $Stardust if you also have Ape Invaders staked.

  • - Fused Apes: 2 $Stardust
  • - Apes: 1 $Stardust
  • - Droids: 1 $Stardust

Can I lose $Stardust from missions?

No, you will not lose $Stardust from missions.

Can I play multiple times a day?

You can only dig once a day. You will be able to carry on exploring after you have dug up $Stardust or a Crystal.

The mission countdown will reset at midnight UTC.

Ape Invaders