Ape Invaders

Droid Invader

The Droid Invaders are a secondary collection built both to work alone and to assist Ape Invaders. With 7,500 Droids, and a cost of 250 $Stardust , Droid Invaders are here to join the missions.

Droid Invaders can earn $Stardust when staked. They can also earn extra $Stardust when paired with an Ape Invader.

$Stardust will give you access to our shop with exclusive WL Spots, merch and more!

On Chain $Stardust: -

Mint a Droid Now!

Minted Droids
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Droids are only avaible with $Stardust.
Don't have $Stardust or not sure how to get it?
Use this button or follow our $Stardust guide below.

How to get $Stardust

If you already have an Ape Invader and are staking and battling you will be collecting $Stardust.

Droids cost 250 $Stardust.

If you do not and want to mint a Droid here's how.

Sushi Swap

First, open up SushiSwap using the link below:

Then type in the amount of ETH you'd like to swap for $Stardust (We recommend doing a bit over the amount you want)

Then press the 'swap' button

Sushi Swap Amount

Now confirm the swap.

Sushi Swap Confirm

You will now be prompted to send ETH using your preferred wallet.

Sushi Swap Confirm
Ape Invaders